10 Times Taylor Swift Gave Us Rocking Hairstyle Goals


For the fashionista Taylor Swift is, she has been setting such glamorous fashion goals for girls across the globe. From curls to straights, messy to sleek to updos, she has nailed in each of her look.

Let’s get wowed once again when she first did make us tend to our hair a bit more.

The ever gorgeous curls

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That 17-something rockstar took the stage by storm when she came out flaunting her rings. And that’s our favorite date look.

That headband that turned everyone’s head

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She reminded us the 70’s rockstars with her studded headband which she wore at the 44th annual Academy of Country Music Awards’ Artist of the Decade celebration in Las Vegas. Our clubbing and dance parties code it was set.

That Prom Queen look

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Nothing can beat this super adorable princess-like hairdo. Not to miss the sleek headband.

Super Sleek & Classy look

Swift gave us the confidence to experiment with our looks and nail everyone, effortlessly.

The Messier the Cooler

For all those lazy and laid back days, Taylor’s curls, that too in its messy look, couldn’t look any cooler.

That Red Carpet look

Crisp and well-tied is not always the shining princess on the red carpet. See how Taylor slayed everyone with her sagging messy bun with side fringe.

That big dynamite in short hair

 Taylor Swift looks a diva in her short hair. Look at that killing confidence!

 Girl-next-door look

This is surely a sweet angelic look that young girls have identified with.

The long waves

This is a definite pick for a formal party hairdo. Simple, elegant and all regal.

That crisp corporate look

Working girls, how about this inspiration for your office look?

Do share your favorite Taylor Swift look in the comments below.