5 American Vintage Fashion Icons Whose Style Statements Live Forever

If fashion starts from Milan, well, then the inspiration definitely comes America. The fearlessly independent and at the same glamorous – that’s American fashion. The on-screen divas have portrayed the same in such classic ways that they still set some real fashion goals for fashionistas of the day across the globe.

Let’s meet the vintage American beauties who will always be our fashion icons.

Audrey Hepburn – Her enchanting poise

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This lady bewitched generations of men with her elegant poise and style. Her iconic black dress, pearls and long cigarette holder, who can ever forget that charming Holly Golightly look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not just regal, everyday fashion comes so naturally to her. Her slim black pants, ballet flats, and oversize button-downs still rule casual fashion industry.

Elizabeth Taylor – Defiant Beauty


Elizabeth Taylor was a fashion rebel star amidst the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Be it on camera or spending leisurely with her family and friends, her outfits cried freedom. Her signature plunging necklines (never vulgar at all), heavily penciled brows and diamonds made her personify opulence and glamour. Her relatively ‘bold’ demeanor has earned her a legendary fashion icon status.

Katharine Hepburn – “American Style”

Katharine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn truly embodied “American style” with her strong, defiant, independent and casual fashion statement. In an era when Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard ruled the silver screen, she radically established herself with her unique essence of modernism. Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head once said, “One does not design for Miss Hepburn. One designs with her.” The fact that she was presented Lifetime Achievement Award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America speaks volumes about her incredible impact on American fashion.

Marilyn Monroe – Radically Sensational

The open defiance to the contemporary stereotypical beauty standards, Marilyn Monroe etched her eternal mark on fashion world. Body hugging dresses accentuating her curves, her platinum blonde tresses, her beauty mark; her fashion style spoke of her love for her body, for herself. Her playfulness would add to her alluring persona (who can ever forget that subway scene in 1955 classic ‘The Seven Year Itch’). Her stark red lipstick, false eye-lashes and not to miss heels with swim-suit, she was truly a trendsetter who established sensual beauty in most glamorous way.

Diana Ross – Opulence Personified


Diana Ross is magnum opus as a fashion icon. She singularly transformed the fashion industry with her sparkling luxurious glamour. Her larger-than-life wigs, her fur coats, glittery sequined dresses – she took not just the music industry but the fashion industry by storm when she made her presence felt in 1960’s and her style legacy continues to this day on the red carpets.

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