5 Ruling Handbags Making Cool Statement in Street Fashion


For any girl her handbag makes her style statement. No matter how gorgeously she looks from head to toe, but one wrong move in her hand can cause a disaster. True it is other way round too. Just a right handbag in her hands can raise the style quotient ten notches no matter how blandly is she dressed up.

Fashion runways are already making us drool over the amazingly alluring new handbags styles that are definitely going to add poise to our catwalk, but hey, let’s not forget our raw street style.

Here are our favorite picks of handbags that are definitely ruling street fashion this year.

Killer Balenciaga 

Getty Images

This French brand has won hearts with its smart street stylish triangular duffel bag. From Paris to Copenhagen to Milan, from socialites to models to hollywood beauties, all are flaunting a Balenciaga in their hands. No occasion specific, from sporty day to red carpet walk, Balenciaga has glittered every time.

Fill in the Bucket bag


Our ruling bucket bag is still not going anywhere. It still got a flaunt on the 2018’s runways and will also be surely seen on streets too.

The Must Belt Bag


The belt bag are getting cuter and more fun with them getting smaller and sleeker. On that shopping spree or a lazy day on beach, this is your favorite pick.

Little Companion Bag


Be it in a sling form or a little hoop, these little cuties are definitely chic this year.

I can SEE through You Bag

Clear bags are back to rule the street fashion this spring/summer. What you carry inside your see-through bag is just as statement-making this season.

So, which handbag is your street-style fashion statement?