Different Moods. Different Styles. Here’s 5 Ways to Pep up Your Boring Ponytail


Ponytails… this hair-do is a zillions of years old beauty that still rocks. Time has been a silent admirer to countless ways women have chosen to play around with their hair; majority have become even archaic. But, one hairstyle that surely has stood the tests of time and has always emerged as an undisputed winner is PONYTAIL.

The reason for its popularity, as I understand, is due to immense freedom it offers to go as creative as we want to. It’s not bound by any rule or regulation. Only our moods dictates and defines how it is going to look like.

Here’s five fun ways in which you can spice-up your that boring ponytail.

Let’s play with moods and see how it shows up our ponytail.

Feeling messy yet chic:

Messy is new chic, girls! Whether you feel like just lazing around in your pyjamas or hanging out with your gal gang or just shopping, messy ponytail is perfect way to wear a casual attitude on your sleeve.

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You lazy bones, you need not even brush your hair to achieve this. Actually, messier is it, the better. Use your fingers as a comb, pull a strand here n there and voila!

Try weaving a braid or two in your ponytail for that extra fun.

Work it is:

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A french connection is enough to add magic be it a love story or a ponytail. This hairdo will give you a confident and head-strong look at the same time keeping your hands free for more important tasks to attend to.

Prom it is

Break the monotony of open and updos this prom and step in a princessly avatar with nicely curated ponytail. Weave a braid or two in your ponytail. Don’t miss the soft curls at your hair ends. Prom queen title is definitely yours.

Feeling Tipsy Topsy

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Spice up your loose ponytail to go tipsy-topsy. Play with variations as feel how many times you want to roll your hair.

Slay in formals

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Give a elegant twist to your ponytail at a formal occasion. Don’t miss the curls for that more sophisticated and chic look.

Ponytails is all about having fun and unleashing your creativity in your hair. Do share in comments which is your favorite look.